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Planning made easier with a snapshot of 2019 holiday season consumer spending

Explore 2019 holiday season growth, consumer behavior takeaways and emerging 2020 e-commerce trends that could affect your future sales.


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Connecting the world responsibly & resourcefully

With networks that span billions of people across six continents, delivering is our business. It’s also our responsibility to deliver the resources that improve the lives of those we serve.

When we help businesses access new markets, they grow and create jobs that boost standards of living in their communities. Investments in safer and more sustainable transportation improve our own footprint and make our communities more livable. A more connected world sparks innovation when shared ideas, goods and technologies interact to transform how we live and work.

We believe a connected world is a prosperous and sustainable world. And we aim to deliver that forward.

Our three-part initiative to advance environmental stewardship

We’re reducing emissions and waste, replacing older technologies and vehicles, and revolutionizing our facilities and packaging. We understand our role in helping to protect and preserve our planet.

Autonomous last-mile delivery might sound like something from a sci-fi movie. But it’s becoming a possibility with Roxo, our delivery bot that maneuvers stairs, climbs curbs, and even uses turn signals to communicate.